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Women’s & Children’s Health.

Encompasses all aspects of care of the female patient, especially gynecology and obstetrics. Addresses the special and unique care of pediatric patients, including the maternal-fetal period of life, adolescent patients, ethical issues in pediatric medical and surgical care (ie, informed consent), and growth and development in children.

Volume: 110, March 2017

Water Load Test in Children with Chronic Abdominal Pain or Obesity Compared with Nonobese Controls

Rami Arrouk, MD, Aryn Karpinski, PhD, Teri Lavenbarg, APRN, PNP-BC, John Belmont, PhD, Richard W. McCallum, MD, Paul Hyman MD

Abstract: Objective: Satiety is the perception of satisfied fullness and represents a summation of neural and hormonal influences. Satiety can be assessed by drink tests, including water load. The objective of our study was to confirm the difference in water load volume between...
Volume: 110, March 2017

Risk Factors for Outpatient Use of Antibiotics in Children with Acute Respiratory Illnesses

Sophie R. Zhao, MD, Marie R. Griffin, MD, MPH, Barron L. Patterson, MD, Rachel L. Mace, MD, Dayna Wyatt, RN, CCRP, Yuwei Zhu, MD, MS, H. Keipp Talbot, MD, MPH

Abstract: Objectives: Antibiotics for acute respiratory illness (ARI) constitute most pediatric medication use and contribute to the emergence of antimicrobial resistance. We investigated antibiotic prescription risk factors for ARI in pediatric clinics and clinical follow-up in...
Volume: 110, March 2017

Multidisciplinary Approach to Complicated Pregnancy

Josip Andelo Borovac, BSc, MD candidate, Josko Bozic, MD, PhD, Tina Ticinovic Kurir, MD, PhD, Nikola Zaja, MD, Kresimir Kolic, MD, PhD, Vedran Hrboka, MD

Abstract: A nulliparous pregnant woman in her mid-20s and in the 32nd week of gestation presented to the emergency department with severe headache and vomiting. She had an uneventful medical history; however, the physical examination upon hospital admission revealed a hypertensive...
Volume: 110, March 2017

Sexually Transmitted Infection Risk among Women Is Not Fully Explained by Partner Numbers

Christina A. Muzny, MD, Hanne S. Harbison, MHS, MSN, Erika L. Austin, PhD, MPH, Jane R. Schwebke, MD, Barbara Van Der Pol, PhD, MPH, Edward W. Hook, MD

Abstract: Objectives: Increased sexual partner numbers may contribute to sexually transmitted infection (STI) risk for some but not all women. This study compared women reporting having four or more partners during the preceding year (multiple partnership group) with those reporting...
Volume: 110, March 2017

Primary Ovarian Insufficiency: Current Concepts

Gretchen Collins, MD, Bansari Patel, MD, Suruchi Thakore, MD, James Liu, MD

Abstract: A potential consequence of chemotherapy is the destruction of oocytes, resulting in primary ovarian insufficiency (POI) in young patients; this often results in secondary amenorrhea and necessitates hormone replacement therapy. Regardless of the etiology of POI, the chance...