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Mental Health.

Includes the topics of psychological and psychiatric disorders including substance abuse, psychological and psychiatric responses to systemic disease, posttraumatic stress disorder, dementias, and the effects of stress on the human body and mind. Includes drug treatment for mental health disorders as well as substance abuse issues.

Volume: 110, February 2017

Breaking Bad Delirium: Methamphetamine and Boric Acid Toxicity with Hallucinations and Pseudosepsis

Kayla Johnson, PharmD, Joanna L. Stollings, PharmD, FCCM, FCCP, E. Wesley Ely, MD, MPH, FCCM

Abstract: Objectives: A 30-year-old patient presented with hallucinations and profound shock. He was initially misdiagnosed as having severe sepsis; once ingestions were considered, he was diagnosed as potentially having arsenic toxicity. Summary: The clinical story reveals many...
Volume: 109, November 2016

Commentary on “Deep Brain Stimulation for Treatment-Refractory Depression”

Kathleen Mary Patchan, MD

Abstract: Major depressive disorder is a chronic, disabling, and potentially life-threatening disorder that has a lifetime prevalence of 15% to 20%. A 2015 article published in Lancet evaluating the global burden of disease ranked major depressive disorder as the second leading cause...
Volume: 109, November 2016

Deep Brain Stimulation for Treatment-Refractory Depression

Puneet Narang, MD, Amber Retzlaff, MD, Kanwarjeet Brar, MD, Steven Lippmann, MD

Abstract: : Depression has a high lifetime prevalence and recurrence rate, with more than one-third of affected patients experiencing treatment-refractory depression. These individuals should benefit from additional treatment options such as deep brain stimulation (DBS), a...
Volume: 109, October 2016

Pharmacogenomics Can Enhance Prescribing of Psychiatric Medications

Puneet Narang MD, Amy Johnson MD, Manasa Enja MD, Steven Lippmann MD

Abstract: Many psychiatric patients experience pharmaceutical intolerances, and some of them do not derive optimal efficacy from their pharmacotherapies. Clinical problems such as these may result in prolonged dysfunction, adverse consequences, and repeated changes in medication...
Volume: 109, August 2016

Homelessness and Emergency Psychiatric Evaluations

Rif S. El-Mallakh, MD, Raja Nanda Gopal Mogallapu, MD

Abstract: To the Editor: Homelessness is associated with increased illness burden and increased utilization of emergency health services.1,2 Mental illness and substance abuse are both common in the homeless population.2 Major societal distress from events such as Superstorm Sandy...